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Hello dear friends,
I got also a No.4 yellow Set in GWR livery, I am guessing it is a rare Set, I have seen very few GWR sets, and this one has the very nice tender loco.
The box lid has been restored, but overall it is in pretty good condition.
It has no markings or number on the bottom.
Interesting also that the tracks are dirty, and the dirt can not be cleaned.


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Another nice find Manuel - great!

The No. 4 Set is quite rare and even rarer as GWR edition. Interesting that the coaches are different in colour, but I do not question the originality.

I can only add the LNER version

..and a GWR Replica set, box made by Geoff Shields+

Thanks for showing!
P.S. can we change the titel to [Bing] [Tischbahn] - 11/935/4 (bzw. 61/3600/4) Bing yellow box set No 4

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What a nice find, Manuel.

The tracks differ a bit in colours. May they come from different packages?
The tunnel is the lithographed variety, i.e. the later one. Does it have a marking? The early ones were airbrushed without marking.

Kind regards from Claudia

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Yes Patrick, please change the name!

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Hi Claudia,
Yes the tunnel is lithographed and with marks!
The tracks are very dirty, and maybe coming from different sets...
In fact I am convinced that the set was put together in a box (restored), for instance, the coaches are different shade, and with some rust in the axels and wheels, and the signal box absolutely mint....
But nice set anyway!
PS: also the inserts have been moved to match the catalogues after having been in different position from a long time. One can see this because of the shades of the blue inside box. The bottom row was in the opposite order, and the train was in the middle!! But maybe this "moves" were done by the owner, I don't think it was coming out of the factory like this, putting the train in the middle was too much, it is a larger partition....

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Hallo Tischbahner,

als Ergänzung dieses Threads Bilder des Sets No. 4 in Continental Ausführung (es fehlt der Einsatz für die Gleise).

Aufrgund der Artikelnummer 11/935/4 auf dem Kontinent verkauft, allerdings hatte das Set ursprünglich ein Britisches Deckelbild und der Miniature Table Railway - Schriftzug wurde mit einem Streifen Papier vermutlich bereits werksseitig überklebt. Das gleiche hatte ich ja bereits bei meinem No. 5 Set beobachtet (KLICK)

Viele Grüße

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