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Hello fellow collectors,

I started collecting KBN 24mm a couple of years ago, and I now have made up a nice collection of pieces.
I have found that there are several different types of track and clockwork loco mechanisms, which differ greatly.
I have taken quite a lot of pictures of my collection and placed them into and album called My KBN 24MM Trains, in the ‘Bildergalerie’, for the members to view.

The first lot I bought is the set 323 which come without a box, so I made a replica to keep the set secure from damage. I saw that there was the front bogie missing from the loco, and I didn’t know about the missing reversing lever which I recently found when repairing the loco.
(Pictures 323 Mechanism )
I also saw that each piece of track had holes in each end which I assume is to keep the track together. However, there are no connecting clips with any of the track. I have also noticed that of the 8 curved sections, 4 have holes for the signals, and 4 haven’t.
( Pictures 323 Track )

The second set was the 303 3 set ( possibly 305 3 )
You can see that the track is different in that it isn’t made of folded tinplate.
The clockwork mechanism is very simple, but like the loco in the 323 set it has a strange bit at the front ( Picture 303 3 mechanism B2 ) It has a ball at one end and a spring on the other.
Again, I made a replica box to keep the set safe from damage.

The third set is the ‘Fairyland’ boxed set, which looks as though it could be the 311/4 set. It came without a loco, but thanks to a friend, it is now complete. Unlike the track in the 323 set, the track does not have any holes, and there are 3 curves to a half circle, and not 4.
The loco needs a key to wind up the mainspring and the mechanism does not have the strange ‘ball and spring’.
( Picture Fairyland F )

Finally in the album, the pictures ‘Others’ are the rest of my collection that I have bought at various other stages. The black loco came from India, the track and tunnel came from the USA, the house from Argentina, the smaller house from DE, and the rest from the UK.
The track doesn’t have any holes, and the mechanism on the black loco doesn’t have the ball and spring.
( Picture ‘Others green and black loco mech….. )
Finally, the small base station on the right does not have an original base.

Have any collectors of 24mm found similar interesting items?, and do you have any answers to the differing pieces.

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Hello Geoff,

Thank you very much for showing your very nice collection of this very rare table top railway. As you know I especially love the Fairyland train set...;-)

Unfortunately I cannot give any answers to your questions because I only own some of the trains with the very simple tinplate tracks, having three sleepers per track. In general I think this table top railway is so rare and not very well documented, so that it is very difficult to find explanations for the variations of clockworks, tracks and so on. Maybe some of the experienced collectors here (I am thinking of elaphos and Manuel) can add more information.
The house without the base and the hole originally belongs to the automatic turntable railway, but was also offered with base and semaphore, but without the hole for the clockwork key.


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Hello Geoff,

thanks for your pictures. Sounds that Bub 24mm is a topic needing more knowledge.

May be that Gert (elaphos) and Rainer are able to show some items of Bub 24 mm ?

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...Mist ich kann kein englisch nur sächsisch.....
Na gotseidank gibts wenigstens Bilder.

Gruss Tino

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Das nehm ich immer für sächsisch

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Guten Abend zusammen,

habe den Thread mal wieder hervorgeholt, da ich etwas Neues zeigen kann: das Set 310/4 24 mm Bahn auf Böschungsgleis.

Es ist komplett erhalten und in recht gutem Zustand. Lediglich am Führerhaus hat vermutlich das beschenkte Kind "LNER" eingeritzt. Interessanterweise sind die Waggons nicht gemarkt, bisher kannte ich diese Personenwagen nur mit KBN Markung.

Das Set findet sich als Nummer 310/4 in den mir bekannten Katalogen Frühjahr 1927 und 1928, allerdings jeweils ohne Abbildung.

Viele Grüße


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Ein wunderschönes Set, Patrick. Gratuliere!

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